Nearly a year has passed since my last update on Peppered Salt. Today that changes. So where have I been for the last 11 months? I have been busy, very busy. We sold our house, packed our belongings, found a nice apartment, and moved to the Hudson Valley in New York. We even figured out [...]

I would normally be quite displeased Labor Day approached so quickly, but the heat and humidity here in Maryland are making me long for cooler fall temperatures. Today is certainly not one of the those crisp, clean fall days; instead, it's hot, humid, muggy, and miserable. It's not all doom and gloom in the weather [...]

Every once in a while I liked to put together a real simple, three-ingredient recipe. This one is all about those three simple ingredients: watermelon, reduced balsamic vinegar, and smoked salt. My favorite part about making this recipe is that I make both the reduced balsamic and smoked salt from scratch! But if you are [...]

August seemed to sneak up on me because our garden is now completely overrun with ripe and juicy tomatoes. We have spent the past few weeks here at Peppered Salt HQ cooking down tomatoes into sauce to freeze for the fall, slicing some thin to top our pizzas or mix into pasta, and eating our [...]