Hi, and welcome to Peppered Salt. My name is Adam Dolge. I’m a cook, writer, and reporter living in Maryland. I am here to share everything from delicious and simple recipes to gardening and food shopping tips. So why should you listen to me? It’s not the years of professional cooking experience in everything from super fine dining restaurants to cafeterias and even fast food joints, or the years spent at the front of the house as a server. You also shouldn’t listen to me just because I’ve spent the past decade as a writer and reporter, but hopefully that will keep this space simple and entertaining for you! None of these things really matter; I’m just another guy talking about food. You should listen to me, or consider listening to me, because I’m on a lifelong quest to have a better relationship with the food I eat, and I encourage people to share in the same journey.


What is Peppered Salt? Well, you should start by reading this for more.

Peppered Salt is a term used (maybe just by me) for an incredibly basic seasoning blend of salt and cracked pepper. It is the original convenience food and puts those factories turning out processed food to shame. In busy restaurants we create large quantities of peppered salt to easily and perfectly season our dishes during the rush of service. At home I make small batches of peppered salt nightly as I cook dinner for two.