Here in Maryland our peaches are at their peak as August begins and our small household is up to its ears in the delicious, juicy fruit. If your CSA box is full of peaches or you stocked up at your local farm stand, why not try something a little different. These bourbon and rosemary poached [...]

Most newly married couples choose to spend their honeymoons relaxing on a tropical island, puttering around charming European towns, or exchanging newlywed bliss locked in a cabin on their Virgin Island cruise. But I suppose my wife and I are not like most people. We chose to forgo an immensely deserved jaunt in Hawaii or [...]

Summer is in full swing here in Maryland and just about everything is ripe and ready to eat, especially our cantaloupe. This savory melon salad recipe originated with a phone call from my wife. We were asked to bring a side dish over to our friends' house for a dinner date so she went to [...]

Over the last several weeks we've put much of our energy in our garden. So if you've wondered where all our fresh and seasonal recipes have been hiding, know our hands have been too dirty with soil and compost to type or take good photos of our meal creations. I thought this topic, our suburban [...]